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02 Feb 2016
by Peter Wright

Welcome to Tennents Trains' Blog Pages

Here we will periodically publish articles of interest on all topics from the model railway world as well as news items and updates from the shop.

All views expressed in this blog are those of the writer alone and do not necessarily represent the views of Tennents Trains Ltd.

Lionel Polar Express Train Sets

11 Sep 2018
by Peter Wright

Many people email us on a regular basis asking about the Polar Express Train Set by Lionel. As we are a Lionel Repair Centre it is assumed that we stock the range of Lionel trains but, regretfully, we do not stock the Lionel Polar Express Train Sets, or any other Lionel Train Set, because the transformers included in the sets are not CE marked and they are, therefore, are illegal to sell in the UK. There is a battery powered G Gauge version but, for us, this train set is simply too big to stock coupled with a limited sales potential here in the UK, so we don't stock that one either.

All Lionel train sets are powered with the same non-CE Marked transformer, so the only way to get them in the UK is to import them yourself from the US. However, once you have done that, you hit the problem of the differences in the power supply on both sides of the Atlantic but we have a solution for that; a locally manufactured unbranded transformer specially designed, by us, to run Lionel trains and an MTH Train Controller. The two items together make the perfect combination to enable you to run your Lionel trains safely here in the UK. Other power solutions are available but, we find, that there is no guarantee of success when going down that road because of the potential for damage being done to your locomotives with long-term usage.

For further information, please call the shop on a Saturday and speak to our experts in this field.

Latest Bachmann 00 Gauge Works Report - Autumn 2018

08 Sep 2018
by Peter Wright

This is the latest news we have on the progress of all the exciting new 00 Gauge products under development at Bachmann. Don't forget all of these new models can be pre-ordered on our website to ensure that you don't miss out on a popular model.

Forthcoming Items

Items being worked on in readiness for the Drawing Office

  • Turbostar DMU's - Classes 168/3, 170 and 171 - All with new tooling
  • BR Prestwin Twin Silo Wagon
  • LNER J39 Class - DCC chassis upgrade

In the Drawing Office

These items have got to the design stage when CAD drawings are produced.

Latest Graham Farish N Gauge Works Report - Autumn 2018

08 Sep 2018
by Peter Wright

This is the latest news we have on the progress of all the exciting new N Gauge products under development at Bachmann under the Graham Farish brand. Don't forget all of these new models can be pre-ordered on our website to ensure that you don't miss out on a popular model.

Forthcoming Items

Items being worked on in readiness for the Drawing Office.

  • Class 158 - New tooling
  • Class 47 - Crewe cut version
  • LNER J72 Class

In the Drawing Office

These items have got to the design stage when CAD drawings are produced.

To Order 7-10 Day Delivery Availability Status

27 Jul 2018
by Peter Wright

We have an availability status of To Order 7-10 day delivery on a number of new locomotives on this website. There are many reasons for this, including: -

  • Having sold out of our initial allocation but wishing to continue to offer these models to people who don't mind waiting a few extra days in order to support the smaller High St. shops.
  • We have restricted shop space for all the ranges we wish to supply so some models are only ordered in small quantities and then to customer order afterwards.
  • Customers who still wish to take advantage of our fantastic prices and free delivery over £60 on web orders delivered to the UK.
  • With regular deliveries from Bachmann, there is never too long to wait for an order to come into the shop so the 7-10 day estimated delivery is often bettered.

Model Railway Track Plans and Layout Planning

19 Jun 2018
by Peter Wright

Model railway layout planning can be a daunting task but it is very much an exciting one! Whether you are starting from scratch, building another layout or simply adding on an extra section to an existing layout, planning is the most important stage and getting to grips with the geometry of the proprietary set track pieces will not come easily to some. Our Track plans can help you to create precisely the right layout for your needs and allow you time to run through many scenarios that you imagine a real train doing on the layout, all with the hard work of the geometry all taken care of.

Old Hill in the 1950's in Hornby 00 Set TrackMany people start their layout design process with a scrap of paper and a pencil, drawing track bed lines and realising it would not work they want it to and then rubbing them out and starting again. These days, though, we can call on the assistance of computers to help us design our layouts. We use AnyRail here in the shop but there are plenty of others brands of software available, mostly free to start of with. Using this software, we have published a series of track plans that have been designed as an inspiration to you or the finished article, we will let you decide. We have also turned some of the Hornby Track Plans and Peco Track Plans, with their kind permission, into Tennents Bundles to help to take some of the hard work out of starting up and acquiring the necessary pieces. To help even more, by bundling the track involved in those plans together, we have offered them all for sale with a 15% discount off so that you save cash as you set up!

Each plan is marked with the track piece code number making them very easy to follow and with the geometry already taken care of, it will not be too long before you can have your trains running on your new layout. It is often suggested that you should run your trains for a while before fixing down the track just to make sure that there is enough scope of operational activity, or 'play appeal', in the layout to make it permanent.

Some of our track plans are just segmented parts of a potentially larger layout, perhaps a terminal station, a goods yard or simple passing loop, and these track plans could be used in conjunction with any existing layout that you have or maybe even combined together to make up something very interesting. The bigger layout designs have been designed in a modular format so that you can piece together sections and slowly create your complete model railway layout for both practical and financial reasons. Each large track plan starts with a section that can be operated in it's own right before other sections are then added to form the next stage in the process until it is complete...well, at least for now!

Any Old Wagon Will Do!

22 May 2018
by Peter Wright

Any Old Wagon Will Do!We have created a product which we think will be of interest to many of our customers for very little cost. 'Any Old Wagon Will Do!' is a product which delves into our relics bin and gives you the opportunity to give new life to an old model or, even, parts of a model. Over time, most modellers end up with a few relics of their own and this product is designed to not only offer the chance to purchase some relic from our collection but to also act as an inspiration to modellers to check out their own oddments box and make something useful out of an item you might otherwise have thrown away.

The concept is simple; you decide what type of piece you want and we will then supply an old wagon, coach or loco body from our stocks of cheap rolling stock and bits which is suitable for: -

  • ·Paint and weathering trials
  • ·Dismembering for grounded use on your railway
  • ·Restoration projects
  • ·Cut and carve
  • ·Diorama detail
  • ·Anything else you can think of as well!

The image is an example of the kind of rolling stock that is available from our collection with some parts maybe in a worse condition than those shown and we cannot guarantee that you will receive any particular wagon shown.

We have added some examples of what we have done with some of the scrap bits from our collection on our Gallery Pages. These parts had been lying around the shop and on our work benches for a while until we decided to turn them into attractive and realistic 'extras' on our shop display layout.

However, you don't have to be modelling a locomotive scrap yard to use these things because most Engine Sheds would have bits lying around all over the place, perhaps the village garage has a pile, or even a backyard in one of your houses! Hopefully the images, and this product, will give you inspiration to do something similar on your layout.

Of course, by adding the product onto an order for other products, you get this cheap item for potentially 'free shipping' so there really is nothing to lose, buy today and start restoring tomorrow!

Free Shipping on UK Web Orders over £60!

21 May 2018
by Peter Wright

All UK online orders over £60 get FREE Carriage and they are sent by Courier or via the Post Office. For all orders under £60 we charge a rate of £2.50 if the order is under £20 or just £5 if it over £20 but less then £60.

We believe in giving a great service love offering our customers a great deal and always hope that you will be able to take advantage of our competitive delivery charges. Please bear this in mind when comparing our great prices with other online prices. Remember we offer the same fantastic products as every other model shop, the difference is that we often deliver them cheaper, making our overall service cheaper than you might otherwise think. Combine this tremendous offer with our special prices on our Promotions and Bargain Pages and it is easy to see why customers love our service and can easily bag themselves a bargain.

So place your order with us today and give us a try, we may not be the most famous name on the High St. but we have been around for over 50 years, giving you full confidence of receiving a great service.

Train Formations

07 May 2018
by Peter Wright

In this day and age, there is no need to worry too much about what locomotive would have pulled a particular train or type of traffic in order to be seen as authentic. The reason is simple; preservation! On most preserved lines there is a shortage of suitable traction power so anything goes! A GWR Pannier can be seen pulling the odd blue/grey coach set for instance, so always remember that on your railway you are in control, you are the Roster Manager and you decide what is going out in traffic today and what job it is going to do.

There are those who would frown upon this view and they have a point but only if you are being very period specific, whereas today we can think of our model railway as being set in the modern day and still run steam engines, and even run them at the same time as a Virgin Pendolino train as the steam train passes by the Pendolino on a Steam Special Excursion to the coast and back!

The same can be said of the rolling stock too! As witnessed on many preserved lines and excursion trains, blood & custard coaches are liberally mixed with crimson and blue/grey, even with the odd Inter-City mixed in as well. It is always nice to see a rake of coaches in keeping with a period and the locomotive but it is far from essential unless you are showing a particular period of time on your layout, things are very different then.

Promotions & Bargains Galore!

29 Apr 2018
by Peter Wright

We have expanded our website a little to include a new menu category and an expanded promotional section, each outlining a different type of offer and deals you won't find anywhere else. We hope that you will find something of interest on these two pages and please check back regularly to see what we have on offer as they will change quickly and even we don't know what will be added tomorrow. Please click on the highlighted text below to go through to the individual page.


On our Promotions Page we not only show you our website and business promotions, but we also show some quick-fire promotional bundles. These bundles offer you, our customers, the opportunity to buy products in a great deal where part, or all, of the elements attract a little more discount or special price when brought as part of the bundle compared to being brought separately. These bundles will often be very short-lived because when they're gone, they're gone!

As well as finding our Promotional Offers on the Promotions Page, you will find details of individual promotional bundles on the page of the main product, so please make sure that as you browse through our product pages be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see if any promotional offers are available on that product.


We have introduced a Bargains Category on the Menu bar to help focus customers on the bargain offers that we have available. The bargains have a further discount applied in excess of the standard discount off the manufacturers RRP, giving you, our customers, great deals on individual items. The category not only contains locomotives but also rolling stock, kits, buildings in 00 and N gauge as well. We hope that you will find something in this category that will interest you and please check back regularly as even we don't know what products and models might be added tomorrow.

End of the Line for Thomas & Friends™?

22 Apr 2018
by Peter Wright

Could this really be the end of the line for Thomas & Friends™?

Following Hornby recent announcement that they will not be renewing the licence to manufacture and sell Thomas & Friends™ merchandise in 00 gauge in the UK from the end of 2018, we are left wondering what the future might hold for Thomas and all of his Sodor friends. Thomas has been a part of the model railway world for a long time, with the models inspired by


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