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Reward Points

Reward Points are our Online Customer Loyalty Scheme and they are earned each time you order online and can be spent on your next order or saved for something more special. Reward Points are earned at the rate of 1 Reward Point per £1 spent and are allocated upon full despatch of your order and this includes all Click 'n' Collect orders as well! You can also earned extra Reward Points simply by creating an Account and by reviewing a product after you have purchased it. Both of these actions are rewarded with 50 Reward Points. All products online show how many Reward Points will be earned from their purchase and the total is also shown on your order once complete. Your Reward Points total can be checked on your Account Page by visiting the Reward Points tab and they are redeemed at Checkout at the rate of 1 Reward Point = 1p, thus giving you a 1% rebate on your previous business, a way for us to say Thank You and show that we appreciate your business and custom.

Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Postal Deliveries in Lockdown 2 & Christmas

As we found in Lockdown 1 in the Spring, the Post Office is becoming overwhelmed by demand at a time when they are affected by staff absences in the same way as everyone else. The Postal Workers are all working extremely hard in testing times once again but this time with the spicy extra load of the Christmas Peak as well...Read More

Amended COVID-19 Shopping Rules

After a successful re-opening of the shop, we have now amended the layout and access to the shop to further move towards the new normal. Below are the new shopping rules for when you visit our shop and we hope that it makes your visit more productive and that we all remain as safe as possible. Visits to the shop do not need to be pre-booked between the opening hours of 11am - 3pm, you just turn up as normal but please be prepared to wait outside for a little at busy times for everyone's safety. There are opportunities for private browsing in the hour before and after our normal opening times if you wish to do that..Read Amended Rules

Private Browsing in the Shop

As we stand, we cannot allow general browsing around the shop by customers because of the need to socially distance from each other. Even at 1m it is difficult to allow customers to freely wander round so we have come up with a new innovation for us where you can privately browse the shop either before or after the normal shop opening hours...Read More

Shop Re-Opening Plans Post COVID-19 Pandemic

We are currently working towards re-opening the shop on Monday 15th June 2020 as per the Government guidelines as they stand. However, it will not be business as usual, instead it will be business of sorts for now...Read More

Royal Mail Delivery Backlog

Updated June 2nd, 2020: It seems that the majority of the problems faced by the Royal Mail during this COVID-19 pandemic appear to have eased. Most of our orders are arriving in good time and so you can now order with increased confidence of your parcel arriving when it is expected to do so...Read More

Metcalfe Special Lockdown 10% Discount Offer

With boredom and its effect on mental health during the lockdown for Coronavirus COVID-19 being a concern, we have decided to help those with model railways in our own little way by adding a 10% discount to all Metcalfe Card Kits from now until the end of April 2020...Read More

Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Update

Updated 18 April 2020: With the UK set for another three weeks of lockdown, we are, of course, still closed to footfall customers. However, the website remains open for business and we are enjoying a good volume of orders keeping me very busy. The business being generated will go a long way towards ensuring that we are able to re-open our doors again when it is safe to do so...Read More

Coronavirus - COVID-19

Updated 25 March 2020: - A lot can change in just a few hours in these strange and worrying times but we are trying to keep the business operating as best we can after closing the shop to the public on Monday evening. We are lucky to live close to the shop and are using our daily exercise to walk to the shop to pick / pack / despatch the website orders as they arise. We can only do this once a day so there may be a delay to the normal process but we will get the goods to you as soon as we possibly can. We have just received an order from Metcalfe ao all of their kits are in good supply at the moment although they have now closed the business until further notice. Peco have also announced that they will not be despatching any further orders to retailers. The longer the lockdown continues then the more out of stock notices will appear on our website. Bachmann are currently still servicing the retail customers and a Woodland Scenics top-up is eagerly anticipated...Read More

Hornby Announcement

Tennents Trains Hornby Announcement:  We are no longer allowed to sell the Hornby brand of products and this will take effect immediately. Our efforts throughout 2019 to supply Hornby models and other model railway accessories at reasonable and competitive prices have been ended because we have refused to comply with their requirement to sell at a maximum 10% discount on all new releases. We believe that this step Hornby have taken is to the deteriment of both the consumer, who have seen a hidden 5% price rise needlessly added to the already expensive model, and the retailer, whose cashflow can be seriously affected by any delay to the purchase of new models with customers increasingly waiting for the price to drop...Read More

Let's Get Ready to Ruuummmage!

We now have a number of rummage boxes as a feature in the shop. We have a large amount of second hand stock which is good in quality and wide in variety. Whilst we understand that it is not possible for everyone to visit the shop in order to take advantage of these bargains and we can, under certain circumstances, arrange to pick items for you and then post them out to you. To take advantage of this option please telephone the shop and we will do our best to help you...Read More
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