Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Postal Deliveries in Lockdown 2 & Christmas

As we found in Lockdown 1 in the Spring, the Post Office is becoming overwhelmed by demand at a time when they are affected by staff absences in the same way as everyone else. The Postal Workers are all working extremely hard in testing times once again but this time with the spicy extra load of the Christmas Peak as well. We are finding that the effect is different in different parts of the country and no two orders are delivered the same.

Please continue to order your goods as normal but we suggest thinking carefully about using First Class post if possible, especially if you are working to your own deadline such as Christmas or a Birthday perhaps. We are closing the Shop at 3pm on Christmas Eve and re-open on Monday 4th January 2021. All web orders taken in between will be dealt with as early as possible so please keep ordering with confidence during the Festive Season.

We despatch most of our orders the same day up to 3pm with evenings and weekends rolling over to the next working day. The parcels are then placed into the care of the Post Office and there is nothing else we can do to help speed along the parcel to its destination. The tracking number is not much use either as it is only updated when the parcel has had a delivery attempted and in most cases this will be when it is delivered to you. The URL included on your despatch email is the default one when using Royal Mail delivery and is to be ignored, I wish it could br removed!

We appreciate that you may be anxious for your parcel to be delivered but patience will be appreciated by all involved in its delivery.

Thank you in advance and stay safe at all times.