Royal Mail Delivery Backlog

In these extraordinary times, we can only look back and appreciate some of the things that we used to take so much for granted, such as next-day delivery. We got so used to going onto the internet and buying whatever we wanted and expecting it to appear on our doorstep the next day, that today we find it hard to believe it is not possible in most cases to still enjoy that process.

Here at Tennents Trains we send most of our parcels out by Royal Mail on the day you receive the email notification of despatch and many people become worried when their expected parcel does not materialise in a day or two. However, news stories in the media reveal the truth behind why those parcels are not being delivered as quickly as they were before COVID-19, in that the Royal Mail have been experiencing extreme problems with business busier than any Christmas period and with staffing levels often 50% down on normal due to illness or self-isolation, with postmen and women often doing multiple rounds per day as cover. It is hardly surprising that our deliveries are now taking much longer than usual.

Once the parcels have left us here at Tennents Trains, along with every other business in the country, there really is nothing that we can do to speed up the delivery of your parcel no matter how much we would like to try. We truly appreciate your patience at this extraordinary time but we have to accept that the sheer volume of business is so overwhelming the Royal Mail that we have little option but to adjust our expectatations until this COVID-19 virus is passed us and no longer a danger to anyone.

We thank you very much for the business you have given to us and each and every order we receive will help enormously towards making sure that we are still here and in business ready to serve you again when normal times return. In the meantime, we hope that you stay safe and well and follow all Government guidlines and together we will come through this pandemic and enjoy a return to next-day delivery once more.

This link leads to the Service Update issued by the Royal Mail each day for you to check for yourself.

Happy modelling!