Plan 1 - 00 Gauge Oval with Sidings 6' x 3'6"

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Plan 1 - 00 Gauge Oval with Sidings 6' x 3'6" - Tennents Trains Track Plans Range

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Tennents Trains's range of track plans plans contain this 00 Gauge Plan 1 - Oval with Sidings 6' x 3'6".

This is a 00 Gauge track plan to get you started. The plan covers an area 6' x 3'6" and is ideal as a starter layout. The continuous oval giving run time whilst the sidings give some storage and shunting opportunities for 'play' time with your trains and two trains can be comfortably operated on this small layout.

The components of this plan are: -

  • 5 x ST-200 Standard Straight, 168mm (6?in) long
  • 6 x ST-201 Double Straight, 335mm (133/16 in) long
  • 1 x ST-202 Short Straight, 79mm (3?in) long
  • 7 x ST-203 Special Short Straight (for use with curved turnouts when forming crossings), 41mm (1?in) long
  • 3 x ST-225 No.2 Radius Standard Curve, 438mm (17¼in) radius
  • 13 x ST-226 No.2 Radius Double Curve, 438mm (17¼in) radius
  • 2 x ST-240 No.2 Radius, Right Hand Turnout, - Insulfrog
  • 3 x ST-241 No.2 Radius, Left Hand Turnout, - Insulfrog
  • 1 x ST-245 Curved Double Radius, Left Hand Turnout, - Insulfrog
  • 4 x ST-270 00 Gauge Buffer Stop, sleeper built type

A part of our series of track plans giving you ideas for a layout and saving you money off the cost of buying the individual products.


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